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Server news - Patcher added, custom theme added, server site added, server forum added. Hope you all enjoy playing in NizFlyff server and the community! ~Niz
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    Server News: Updates

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    Server News: Updates

    Post by Niz on Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:42 am

    Welcome to NizFlyff Server!

    Our server had been built recently and we are still under development. We are doing our best adding more and more custom items, quests, NPCs, UI and a lot more stuff into our server to make it more interesting and addicting compare to other servers.

    This server is hosted in Australia Sydney with a dedicated ISP of 24mbps internet. Unfortunately we are only accepting players from Australia or the players that are invited by friends.

    Extended Server Details

    EXP: x50
    IDR(General): x25 - e.g. Pots, Quest Items... ect
    IDR(Rare): x10 - e.g. Cards, Weapons, Sets... ect
    Peny: x100

    Unique Features
    Custom Theme
    Custom NPC - In progress
    Custom Monsters - In progress
    Custom Website
    Custom Forum
    Custom lvl cap (max lvl 200)
    Friendly GM and Admin
    Lag Free

    Hope you all enjoys your times here~
    Admin Team


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