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    NizFlyff Development progress/plan [13/08/2010]

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    NizFlyff Development progress/plan [13/08/2010]

    Post by Niz on Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:44 pm

    Following is a list of our development plan and our current progress:

    Coming soon - [CS]
    Progressing - [PS]
    Implemented - [IM]

    -Custom Monster lvl 133+ [CS]
    ---- Custom ultimate weapon coupon drop from custom bosses
    ---- Custom NizCoins will be dropped from them at a 50% rate

    -Adding unique donation item [CS]
    ---- +8 ultimate weapons will be sold in cash shop
    ---- +8 special armor sets will be sold in cash shop
    ---- Unique looking fashions will be in cash shop
    ---- Buff pet that can fully buff the user will be in cash shop

    -Adding NizCoin on monster drop [PS]
    ---- Boss monster will drop NizCoin at a rate of 30%
    ---- Mini Boss Monster will drop NizCoin at a rate of 20%
    ---- Normal monster of lvl 100+ will drop NizCoin at 10%

    ---- NizCoin can be used to exchange all ultimate weapons and special armor sets but +0
    -Adding Custom Main Town [PS]
    ---- Implementing a little custom mini town on top of flarine with all our custom npc avalible
    ---- Custom mini town will be available in both Flarine and SM
    ---- Possible adding custom blinkwings to our custom home town

    -Changing flying speed limit to 350km/hr [PS]

    -Customize skills and scroll usage time [CS]

    - Custom gift boxes will be dropped by all monster at 0.1% [CS]

    - Custom weapon and armor shops [IM]

    - Accessories is 20 times the current server rate [IM]

    - All Card Drops are removed to increase other item's drop probability [IM]

    - Fashion/Card/Pots Shop NPC are added [IM]

    - Weekly event- Weekend 2x EXP event [IM]

    - Removal of deleveling [IM]

    - Level Cap 150 [IM]

    - Custom theme [IM]

    - Custom Patcher [IM]

    - Website [IM]

    - Forum [IM]

    (More could be added as we increase our scripting capability and come up with more ideas)

    Admin Niz~


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